Sofia Richie, Hayley Carling
Courtesy of Hayley Carling/Instagram

Just because Sofia Richie is besties with Kylie Jenner and her crew, doesn’t mean that her inner circle stops there. In fact, the 21-year-old model has a BFF named Hayley Carling who happens to have a seriously stunning Instagram page. 

With that, we decided it was time to get to know Sofia’s best friend some more! After all, if Scott Disick’s ladylove has a connection with someone, they’ve got to be pretty darn cool, right?  

Sofia Richie's Best Friend Hayley Carling
Courtesy of Hayley Carling/Instagram

What does Hayley do for a living?

Based on the blonde beauty’s social media accounts, Hayley has a number of careers, including a flight attendant for United Airlines and a travel influencer. In fact, her bio reads: “Frequent flier.”

Is Hayley single?

Nope! Hayley is most definitely taken. Her boyfriend happens to be Miki Mor — a.k.a. Scott’s contractor on Flip It Like Disick. “Miki is a veteran contractor and owns his own construction company in L.A. He’s also the only contractor that Scott truly trusts!” Miki’s “Meet the Cast” bio on E! reads.

“He can be hard-headed and gets worked up when things aren’t going his way. Miki, an avid surfer, has a big heart and makes everyone laugh, but he also likes everyone to stay out of his business.”

Hard-headed or not, Kayley and Miki are constantly going on double dates with Sofia and her beau. Pretty cute, right?

Scott Disick, Miki Mor, Sofia Richie, Kayley Carling
Courtesy of Hayley Carling/Instagram

How long have Sofia and Hayley been friends?

As far as we can tell from Instagram, the dynamic duo really started hanging out in February 2018. Their first post together was an adorable beach selfie.

Have Sofia and Hayley ever worked on anything together?

Despite both lovely ladies falling under the influencer umbrella, they have yet to collaborate on any business ventures. However, Hayley is constantly supporting Sofia’s brand deals, including her Missguided x Sofia Richie collection. You can even purchase the pink dress Hayley wore to the event on her official website. 

Sofia Richie's best friend Hayley Carling
Courtesy of Hayley Carling/Instagram

Clearly, Sofia and Hayley are #FriendshipGoals through and through. We can’t wait to see more sweet moments from the pair in the future!

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