Even though she’s divorced and 62 years old, nothing can stop Ramona Singer from going out on the town and meeting her next potential boyfriend. The Real Housewives of New York star reveals that she likes meeting guys at bars rather than on dating apps because she likes to meet men “in an organic way.”

“I am just dating up a storm. No one is sticking, but you know what, I figure if I can’t find Mr. Right, I will just date Mr. Right Now,” she told Life & Style exclusively while she hosted the Moxy Times Square’s second edition of ‘Guess Who, B—tch’ at Bar Moxy in New York City.

Ramona is a social butterfly, so she’s not afraid to just go up to a guy at a bar and make conversation. “Usually I just meet people when I am out, I am very social, I am very friendly. I tell women ‘smile when you go out, make eye contact,’ so all you have to do is smile at them and they’ll come to you!”

The reality star doesn’t quite have a pick-up line when chatting with guys, but she does try to ease into a friendly conversation with them. “An easy statement – not like a pick-up line because that sounds contrived, something that can really relate to the person. Like ‘wow, it’s raining so hard here, I can’t believe I came out and you even came out here too.’”

Ramona Singer at an event in NYC
Moxy Times Square

While her 23-year-old daughter, Avery, doesn’t help her contrive texts to potential suitors, the two of them do swap text message stories and “compare notes.”

“We talk like, ‘oh my God, can you believe this text?’ And I will go, ‘Can you believe this text?’ You know, I am not a great texter,” she confessed.

As for those reconciliation rumors surrounding her and her ex-husband, Mario? They are simply not true. The two recently were seen out together, but Ramona insists that the two “are just friends.” However, Ramona also has no ill-will towards her ex. “We share a daughter and I don’t believe in holding animosities and I think it’s very important for divorced women not to hold animosity.”

So, what’s her dream guy like? She is looking for “a man in the 50’s, someone who is athletic and in shape, someone who has been married before, someone with older children, and someone who is established enough with his life who can take off on weekends.”

Get it, girl!