If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, then you already know season 2’s Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee has started a lot of drama since his time on the hit dating series. That said, as of March 2022, the Chicago, Illinois, native is officially taken after going Instagram official with his new girlfriend, Emily. To learn more about her and their relationship, keep reading. 

When did Shake and Emily start dating?

Although it’s unclear exactly when Shake and Emily got together, the veterinarian isn’t shy about their romance. “Good things come to those who don’t wait [strikethrough], don’t settle,” Shake captioned a March 17 Instagram carousel featuring several photos and clips with Emily.

Moreover, in an interview with Us Weekly, he gushed over their immediate connection. “We’re both so in sync that we can’t help but be excited,” Shake told the publication. “I’m an open book. I’m like a golden retriever — I’m wagging my tail. I’m just happy to talk to anybody about anything and I felt such a strong connection with her.”

Love Is Blind’s Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee Goes IG Official With Girlfriend Emily: Get to Know Her!
Courtesy of Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee/Instagram

While recently spending time together in Chicago, Emily even met Shake’s family. “When she was here this past weekend she’s like, ‘I want to meet your parents.’ I’m like, ‘I f–king want you to meet my parents,’” he recalled. “So, my parents came in town, and we had a fun little afternoon and it just felt natural, it felt right. I don’t know where this is going to go but I can see it going the whole way.”

To date, Emily has yet to share a photo with Shake on her Instagram. However, the Miami native did repost an article about their relationship to her Instagram Stories.

As for Emily’s interest in Love Is Blind? Well … she hasn’t seen it! “Her friends recognized me. She’s never seen the show,” Shake revealed to Us. “She did not know who I was before meeting me. She prefers I wasn’t in the spotlight, which is tough for me because I love attention, but we are making it work.”

Prior to dating Emily, Shake was engaged to Love Is Blind costar Deepti Vempati. Although Deepti made it down the aisle during the season finale of Love Is Blind season 2, she decided to not marry him.

Since calling it quits on the show, Deepti has reflected about her time with Shake, more specifically about their intimacy issues. “We did talk about how we lacked chemistry and you know, the physical intimacy was a problem to us,” the information data analyst previously told Life & Style in an exclusive video interview.

“It’s not one-sided though. I mean, I felt it, too. That’s why I’m not throwing myself at him either,” Deepti added, referring to Shake comparing her to his aunt. “Yeah, it was very tough to watch back because even if that’s the case, you should still have respect for your fiancée or even just a friend. You don’t talk about them in that way to other people. I think he doesn’t even realize that it’s wrong — and that’s why we would never be compatible.”