Who will play Priscilla Presley in Elvis? Actress Olivia DeJonge will play the actress and business woman in the upcoming biopic alongside Austin Butler who will star as the legendary rockstar. Although the Australian native hasn’t been too deep in the spotlight, she’s no stranger to our television screens. 

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How Did Olivia DeJonge Land the Role in Elvis?

It seems like she was mean to play Priscilla because her audition story is as simple as sending in an audition tape. “It kind of just happened,” she told AU Review in June 2022. “I set up a self-tape, and a couple months later, I was sitting at dinner with my agents, and I asked them about the role,” she continued.

“I asked, ‘What happened with Baz?’ I wanted to know how we could make it happen and they didn’t know and thought it had just gone away.  That night I got a text message saying I got the role.” The star revealed that she performed two scenes from the film, which ended up getting slightly changing. 

Meet Olivia DeJonge Who Will Play Priscilla Presley in the Upcoming Biopic 'Elvis'
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Olivia spoke her role into existence as she posted a throwback photo of Priscilla on Instagram in February 2020. The post had no caption, so it was a perfect tease to announce her big break. 

Has Olivia DeJonge Met Priscilla Presely? 

Yes, she has met Elvis’ leading lady, however, they didn’t come face to face until the movie was done filming. 

Olivia has posted pictures on her Instagram with the real-life Priscilla, and they seemingly have a connection to one another. “Melting,” she captioned her May 2022 video embracing Priscilla once the lights turned on after the premiere of Elvis at the Cannes Film Festival. The star also posted a group picture of the two alongside Austin and Tom Hanks

What Else Has Olivia DeJonge Starred In?

She acts in the HBO Max series The Staircase and has promoted the show on her social media accounts. However, she is mostly known for her role as Elle in The Society and has been in other films like Will, Hiding, The Visit and Butter Watch Out