OMG, this is the most ~dramatic~ season of The Bachelor so far, and the show hasn’t even premiered yet! Mike Fleiss, who is the creator of the franchise, tweeted on Dec. 6 that executive producer, Elan Gale, is no longer associated with the Bachelor team anymore. Hmm, we wonder what happened.

Mike Fleiss wrote, “Can’t comment on why @theyearofelan is no longer part of #TheBachelor team, but we wish him the best in all his future endeavors…” This is very strange considering Elan has been with the show for 10 years.

Bachelor Nation was equally as shocked by the news since many fans quickly reacted to his tweet. One person commented, “Well you just lost the best producer ever,” while another wrote, “So, maybe don’t say anything at all? So cryptic.” Another fan was just shocked, writing, “That is very concerning.”

A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Although he’s the creator of The Bachelor and has consistently shared show news how and when he wants to with fans, production and PR teams didn’t see it coming. Especially on a day when the show was making the big announcement of Colton [Underwood’s] women.” Damn, that is cold.

“The parting of ways, though, isn’t as unexpected to those behind the scenes as it might seem. Elan had been working on other projects over the past few years and considering an exit,” the source continued. They also noted that there had been some tension with Elan because he might not have been putting all of his energy into the show recently. The 35-year-old recently wrote a book last year called You’re Not That Great (But Neither Is Anyone Else), so it doesn’t seem like it’s a shock that he wanted to focus his attention elsewhere.

The former producer has become good friends with many Bachelor and Bachelorette alums throughout his time on the show. Elan has yet to comment, however, he seems to be active on Twitter.

Welp, we hope we get some answers ASAP, because we’re all quite curious as to what is going on.