It sounds like even Colton Underwood‘s contestants are getting sick of all of the virginity puns! In a new trailer for the upcoming season of The Bachelor on Dec. 5, the beautiful Caitlin Clemmens used her limo entrance to make one final joke at Colton’s expense, and then demanded that they leave the virginity comments behind!

Caitlin approached Colton looking gorgeous in a red dress, holding a red balloon with a leaf on top. As soon as she gets to the former baller, she grabs a pin and pops the balloon. “Now that I popped your cherry, we don’t need to talk about virginity anymore!” she joked. Colton began laughing hysterically, exclaiming, “oh boy!” Do we sense chemistry?

Want to know more about the brunette beauty? Scroll down for all the info we know about her, and click here to meet all of Colton’s contestants!

How old is Caitlin Clemmens?

Caitlin is 26 years old, which is the same age as Colton! So it sounds like they’re already starting out with something in common. She just finished up school, having gone to Western University from 2012 to 2016, and then getting a year of realtor education at Ontario Real Estate College, according to her LinkedIn account. Beautiful AND smart? What more could Colton ask for?!

Where is Caitlin Clemmens from?

Cait currently lives in Toronto, Canada. It’s unclear where she grew up, but she spent at least four years in California while she was going to college.

What does Caitlin Clemmens do for work?

Caitlin is part of the Starke Realty Team selling high-end homes in Toronto. She also has experience as a sales rep, executive assistant, and customer service rep. After filming, she has reportedly returned to her real estate job. We love a driven woman!

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