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Think strong CBD is too expensive? Think again.

How much CBD should I take? This is a question that people have been asking since CBD first hit the market a few years back, and it hasn’t always been easy to answer. Various studies have supported the benefits of CBD for things like stress management and better sleep, but researchers used various different dosages on their subjects. As a result, a lot of people’s CBD dosage is simply based on what they can afford.

Because CBD has been so expensive, that means that people often are taking quite low doses, like 10 or 25 mg per day. But one thing that the dosages used by researchers have in common is that they’re typically much higher than that – at least 100 mg and often much higher. That would mean thousands of milligrams for a month’s supply, and up till now the price tag for that would have run into hundreds of dollars.


Enter cbdMD’s New High-Potency CBD Products

Fortunately, leading CBD company cbdMD is now launching a line of high-potency CBD products at drastically lower prices than its competitors. Each bottle has 6000 mg of CBD in total, with the idea of providing 200 mg a day for 30 days. And none of the products cost more than $90 a bottle.

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t think I need that much, so I should still get a cheaper product,” keep in mind that the key metric in CBD cost is price per milligram. For the full spectrum CBD gummies, for instance, the 200 mg serving is two gummies. But if you’d rather take 100 mg at a time, you can take one gummy a day and it will last you for 60 days. At the $67.49 price, that’s just a little over a dollar a day! Is that what you’ll get from a lower-potency product?

You might just find that taking more is better, though. Users have understandably been cautious about taking CBD because it’s a new product, but continuing research indicates that you have to take more than 1000 mg at a time before you’ve hit a level that’s considered toxic. So, if a little CBD is helping you, more of it could make you feel even better.

Keep in mind also that quality matters when it comes to CBD. You can get cheap stuff from a gas station or flea market, but it’s no secret that such products have poor quality control and might contain a different amount of CBD than what’s on the label. cbdMD sends every batch of its CBD formulas to an independent, ISO-certified lab for testing, and posts the results on the website. So, you know that you’re getting exactly the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids are on the label.


Another Factor in CBD Potency: THC

We mentioned earlier that cbdMD sells full spectrum CBD products, in addition to broad spectrum options. The difference between them is that full spectrum CBD contains a small amount of THC – not enough to get you high, but enough that you’ll probably feel it.

Full spectrum CBD is increasingly popular because the CBD and THC work together to enhance each other’s benefits. Therefore, if you get a full spectrum product (like full spectrum softgels)  with the same CBD strength as a broad spectrum one, it might feel more potent to you, especially if you’re looking for relaxation and sleep benefits.


In fact, cbdMD has also just launched two full spectrum CBD sleep aids, modeled on their best-selling broad spectrum CBD PM formula: full spectrum CBD oil for sleep and full spectrum softgels for sleep. These have 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC per serving, along with melatonin and traditional herbs like chamomile and passionflower that are known for their calming qualities.

And to get back to the subject of money, all the full spectrum products cost the same as their broad-spectrum counterparts, so you’re essentially getting that extra THC for free. So, now’s the time to head over to cbdMD.com and check them out!