One of Bachelor Nation‘s faves could be making a comeback this summer on Bachelor in Paradise! Kendall Long revealed she used to be totally against the idea of returning to the hit spinoff after her January split from boyfriend Joe Amabile, but a new development for the 2020 season of Bachelorette may have changed her mind.

“Initially I was thinking ‘Hell, no’ because all the girls are so young,” the 28-year-old began her March 8 Instagram Story response to a fan asking if she’d return to the show where she met her former boyfriend of over a year. “But now that the men might be older in Clare’s Bachelorette, never say never!” She punctuated her video with a coy eyebrow raise, and we’re not going to lie; we’d be pretty darn excited to have her back on our TVs this summer.

Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paraidse
ABC/Paul Hebert

Of course, she’s referring to 38-year-old Clare Crawley being announced as the new Bachelorette on March 2. The Bachelor franchises have been taking a lot of heat for the age of their contestants, so The Bachelorette decided to forgo the 23-year-olds for season 16 and opt for a woman with more life experience. Many assume her contestants will be older as well, which makes sense. The new season of Paradise is going to have to cast some past lady contestants, though, otherwise there will be quite an age difference between Peter Weber‘s young female stars and Clare’s older castoffs.

While fans are excited by the idea of seeing more Kendall, her split from Joe came as a pretty tough blow. Joe was immediately drawn to Kendall on the series, but it took her some trial and error to commit to him. After flings with Leo Dottavio and John Graham, Kendall realized Joe was the only one for her. Unfortunately, after over a year of blissful dating, the issues of the real world became too much to overcome.

Kendall Long Gives Joe Amabile Her Rose
ABC/Paul Hebert

“Ultimately, what happened was that Joe felt like he would have a better life in Chicago,” Kendall revealed on her podcast in February. “He also missed his friends and family.”

And fans weren’t the only ones blindsided by the seemingly happy couple calling it quits. “I did not see it coming,” she admitted. “Every relationship has issues, but I feel like — with Joe and I — we were best friends. Everything was fun, we were getting a dog together. We had just moved in.” Here’s hoping they both find someone who wants the same things as them — whether they do it on TV or off.