It sounds like former Bachelor star Lauren Burnham‘s relatively easy pregnancy has taken a frustrating turn right at the end. In April, Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s new wife admitted that their bundle of joy had been in the breech position for ten weeks already, but she was holding out hope that their little girl would flip on her own. Unfortunately, at their 36-week checkup on May 7, that still hadn’t happened, and the 27-year-old beauty got real about the “unfortunate” possibility of needing a C-section.

“I was very open with you guys about what was going on with the breech situation and, honestly, with the whole pregnancy thing from the beginning, so I just wanted to update you about what’s going on with that,” she explained on her Insta Story. “We just went to our 36-week appointment today and the baby is still breech, unfortunately, and the reason I think that’s unfortunate for me is because that wasn’t part of my plan originally.”

Lauren went on to explain that she very much wanted to have a natural, drug-free birth, and that’s not really possible when she’s getting a major surgery to remove the baby safely. “I didn’t really want to be on any kind of drugs that would alter my state of mind. So I’m a little upset about that,” she continued, promising she had nothing against C-sections but doesn’t like how painkillers affect her.

Lauren has tried “everything” to try to flip the baby naturally, from frozen peas to crawling to swimming to praying to acupuncture and spin classes, but unfortunately she’s had no luck. On May 14, Lauren plans to do an E.C.V., where doctors “try to turn the baby from the outside,” which can sometimes induce labor, so we may end up meeting Baby Luyendyk three weeks early. “We may have a baby next week, who knows!” Lauren said, thanking fans for all of their support and suggestions. Either way, we hope her birth is healthy, stress-free, and as painless as possible. Good luck, guys!