She’s A-OK, folks. Former Bachelor contestant Lauren Burnham is inching closer to the end of her pregnancy and received backlash from fans after revealing that she and her husband, Arie Luyendyk, are taking a last-minute trip together before the baby arrives. However, the reality starlet assured her followers that the doctor cleared her for travel.

“Naturally, I’m reminiscing on some of the travels we’ve had together,” the 27-year-old captioned an Instagram photo for Throwback Thursday on April 4. “So wild that we’ll have baby girl tagging along with us from here on out! With that in mind, we have decided to go on a babymoon for one last solo trip. Did any of you have a babymoon? If so, where’d you go?” She and Arie, 37, love to travel so it’s not surprising that they’re looking for a quickie getaway.

On April 3, Lauren revealed that she was officially 31 weeks pregnant which means she’ll most likely give birth in less than two months. Fans were concerned that the mom-to-be was trying to push herself too hard and warned her to stay close to home. “I agree with everyone’s comments to stay in the U.S. Long distance flight travel is hard for all of us, it is extremely hard on an unborn baby and the mother. Please think this through very carefully before deciding on your destination,” one person wrote.

There’s no need to worry, though, because the blonde beauty acknowledged the concern and wants fans to know that her top priority is the safety of her little one. “We’ve talked with our doctor and she is onboard,” Lauren commented.

However, it doesn’t seem like she’s interested in wandering too far from Arizona. Another user suggested they head to Santorini, Greece, but the designer confessed, “One day! A little far for me now.”

It looks like Arie and Lauren are taking all the precautions. We can’t wait to meet baby Luyendyk!