Monday night marked Jimmy Fallon’s first-ever The Tonight Show – and the late night host was joined by many of his A-list pals.

From Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian to Sarah Jessica Parker and Mariah Carey, it seemed all of Hollywood was in NYC to help Jimmy kick off the show.

But it was his bit with Will Smith that really stole the show.

Taking over the gig from Jay Leno, who said goodbye on Feb. 6 after 22 years of hosting in LA, the former Saturday Night Live funnyman appeared onstage in overalls, a multi-colored shirt and work boots.

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Moments later, Will joined him a near identical get up. Think early '90s The Fresh Pince of Bel-Air garb.

And that meant only one thing – they were about to perform the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.”

In the three-minute segment, the hilarious duo did their best take on famous moves such as The “Running Man,” The “Robot,” The “MC Hammer,” The “Crank That *Soulja Boy,” and even The “Carlton!”

But when Jimmy decided to bust out The “Twerk,” Will wasn’t having any of that Miley Cyrus nonsense, so he stormed off.

Sure, it was a pretty awesome spectacle, but then it got us thinking about Jimmy’s “Evolution of End Zone Dancing” with Justin Timberlake on Late Night.

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Who can forget The “Football Spin” (Into The Love Scene From Ghost), when the crooner wrapped his arms around his teary-eyed pal?

Not to mention, The “Tebowing” move, and The “Justin Timberlake” (From ’N Sync) dance?

Like Will, JT ended up walking off when Jimmy decided to pull that one out.

But who do you think had the better dance-off: Justin or Will? Tell us in comments!

(Oh, and we totally didn’t forget about his “Evolution of Mom Dancing” with First Lady Michelle Obama. One word: EPIC.)