We love a good dating competition this time of year. Apparently, finding someone to date in the real world has proven to be too difficult for Jersey Shore star Pauly D, so naturally he's launched his very own sweepstakes to find his perfect match. "I have such amazing things going on in my life," Pauly, 37, previously told Life & Style, "and want someone to share it with."

That's right, you can now enter to win a date with Pauly D by tweeting out the hashtag #DATEMEPAULYDSWEEPSTAKES because it's 2018 and this is now acceptable, okay?

"It's hard dating in general. You have to question their motives and intentions, that's why I'm single," Pauly — who's father to a five-year-old little girl — recently told Entertainment Tonight. "You're not supposed to look for it. It's supposed to just come."

But clearly he's taking matters into his own hands now with what could possibly be a potential reality show. Given the fact that Pauly tagged MTV in his tweet leads some fans to believe this could be more than just a one-off sweepstakes. If that's the case, the casting department has their work cut out for them as hundreds of (mostly) single 20 and 30-something girls expressed their interest in dating the father-of-one.