YouTuber Brennen Taylor took to Twitter to apologize for past “insensitive jokes” in old tweets and videos on July 4.

“I’ve noticed that some of my old tweets and videos from when I was 16 [years old] have resurfaced online. I want to own up and take accountability for the vocabulary I used to use and the insensitive jokes I used to make,” he wrote. “Looking back at who I was and how reckless I was with the things I posted for everyone to see … for what? A laugh? Well, they weren’t funny and I’m so sorry.”

“Who I was then is not in any way a reflection of who I am now. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m continuing on the path to becoming a better me,” the California resident, who is now 25 years old, continued. “Even if these words/actions were used jokingly, I never stopped to think, ‘Could these words hurt someone?’ And for that, I’m truly sorry.”

The food vlogger noted he wanted to use his platform to be “an ally” and that he will continue to “fight” and “be a voice” for everyone, “no matter your race, sexuality, gender or anything.”

Brennen also addressed a recent sexual assault claim in his apology, maintaining the accusations are “100 percent false with hard evidence proving that.” He added he didn’t want to address this claim because he didn’t want to put “energy” toward the topic — and additionally, he claimed the woman accusing him previously admitted she lied about the incident.

“This is an attempt to assassinate my character,” he wrote. “I won’t allow this to be brushed over. That is all I will say on this subject.”

The content creator closed out his apology by thanking the fans who stuck by him over the years. He also apologized for taking “a little while” to release a statement due to taking time away from social media, reflecting and spending time with family.

“I plan to use these valuable life lessons and apply them to my everyday life,” he concluded. “I am human and I have made mistakes. I thank you for understanding. I am dedicated to doing better.”