Fans are utterly shook on March 30 after the internet's boyfriend Zac Efron showed off a totally new, er, look. The handsome hunk shaved lines into his beard and traded out his luscious brunette locks for a blonde dye job and it's all very startling. *Watch the video above to see his wild transformation. *

Zac called the look his "beast mode," but fans are 100% not feeling it. "As the head of Newrys Zac Efron Appreciation Society… I do not condone this facial or head styling. ??," wrote one disappointed fan. Another agreed, saying, "I love Zac, but that don’t look good." This user teased, "Someone come get their dad ??‍♀️." Then there's this gem: "Boi why you look like a burnt panini." One particularly eloquent fan simple commented, "more like douche mode." That's it, we're officially deceased.

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No one can seem to figure out what the look is actually for. Lately, he's been sporting some weird hair to play Ted Bundy, but this doesn't seem to be related. He almost looks like a surfer version of Wolverine. Like… why?

Despite the fact that we can all agree that this is a bad look, fans were still stunned to learn that there's basically nothing Zac Efron could do that would make him marginally unattractive. Despite the striped facial hair, we can't deny that he's still hot! "Why is this even hot? I can’t even explain…" said a fan. "You look like you got run over by an old-fashioned push mower ??," said another. "But it looks good tho. Just takes some getting used to."

Thankfully, it looks like we won't have to get used to it, because he posted it as a Flashback Friday pic so he's most likely already fixed it. Amen for that!