Droppin’ another single, huh? This morning, former One Direction member Zayn Malik released a new song via Instagram and it features none other than the Queen of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj. Look, if you’re just seeing this now and you haven’t listened to the song yet, trust us when we say… it’s pretty damn catchy. But also don’t just trust us, listen for yourself and start bopping with us. The track is called “No Candle No Light” and it makes us wanna have a blacklight dance party right now.

It’s no surprise the single seriously slaps – what else would you expect from a suave crooner like Zayn and female rap royalty like Nicki, fresh off her feud with Cardi B? It’s a recipe for success. What we really enjoy here is Nicki getting a big focal point not as a rapper but as a singer. Someone like Mr. Malik, who has just the right voice for Nicki to compliment with her deeper tones, is a perfect match for her stylings and even gives her the opening of the song to prove she’s here to show you what she can do. In fact, Nicki only gets about ten seconds of rapping in the song, and it closes out the whole thing. Honestly? We don’t even need a rap verse in this song. The chorus pumps out hard and fast and exists mainly as a vehicle for the listener to dance it the hell out! Seriously, you’re gonna wanna take advantage of that chorus breakdown.

Finally, we’ve got some lyrics and they’re reminiscent of Zayn’s recent singles that have come out over the last year – a lot of “this isn’t working, why isn’t it working” type stuff, which, hey. That’s where you work out that (Gigi Hadid) relationship drama, in the lyrics. What? We didn’t say anything! The pre-chorus is where the lyrics stand out the most: “No friendzone to my love, quit burning all of my time, I woke up on the wrong side of ya, No candle, no light for you.”

Fans were, of course, divided on whether or not the song was what they wanted from the ex-boybander. “Obsessed already!” One fan commented enthusiastically, while others weren’t as pleased. “… No ma’am” and “Nicki Minaj? Really?” were some of the more disappointed comments from fans clearly concerned that Zayn may have taken Nicki’s side in the biggest rap feud of 2018.

While Zayn STILL hasn’t dropped a release date or title for his highly anticipated second album, we’re hoping that all his recent singles are just a taste of what’s to come on the new record. We could be really into an album full of bops like this, Z, so don’t disappoint!