Not again! Cardi B already has beef with Nicki Minaj — and now thanks to trolls, it looks like they’re trying to pin her against another music megastar — Ariana Grande. Luckily, Cardi was quick to set the record straight.

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Cardi took to Twitter to defend herself after a photoshopped Instagram photo of her falsely “liking” a montage of Ariana and her past boyfriends surfaced online. The picture came from a Nicki fan account and implied slut-shaming behavior towards Ariana, meaning whoever created it wanted people to think Cardi agrees with the photo’s message.

Cardi screenshot the fake post and called out the person’s poor photoshop skills. “Ya gotta do better with the photoshopping the “Y” is a little cut off in the corner… you kids need to find a hobby, LEAVE ME ALONE,” she tweeted to her haters.

We’re sure her clapback put some trolls to rest, but that doesn’t mean this kind of thing won’t happen again!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time these stars have been put against each other for drama. Before Ariana released her latest album, Sweetener, she made a joke about Travis Scott, regarding who would reach number one — and it was totally blown out of proportion. The “God Is A Woman” singer took to Twitter to explain herself, claiming it was for “comedic effect.”

“Everything, literally almost everything I say, I say for comedic effect and am never serious… like I’m always ‘on’… if ever u [sic] think I’m being shady, I’m just going’ for the laugh… If I’m being fr (for real) shady, you’ll know,” she wrote in August, before adding, “I’m a v loving lil’ babe.”

That incident escalated partly because Nicki and Travis weren’t getting along, and since Nicki and Ariana are good friends, people assumed there had to be drama there… just as they tried to do with Cardi B and Ariana over the same affiliation. However, just because Nicki and Cardi aren’t friends, there’s no known reason Cardi and Ariana would even feud in the first place.

Hopefully, the Internet can stop pinning women against each other and start stanning, instead!