Oh no! Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been in the hospital for about four months now as she continues to battle cancer, and she’s been bravely sharing every single part of her journey with fans via social media — the good and the bad. And while it seemed like Abby had been sharing more and more good news in recent weeks, her health has taken a turn for the worse and Abby took to Instagram to share an update with her fans.

“It’s Friday, yay [and] pray my white blood cell count goes up and my 103 [degree] fever goes down! Yikes!” the 51-year-old wrote on Instagram. While it’s unclear why Abby had such a high fever, it could be an indication that Abby isn’t really in the clear yet in terms of her cancer battle.



Fans flooded the comments of Abby’s post to share their thoughts and to send her get well messages. “Miss Abby you are wonderful, sending our prayers!! We think you are amazing,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Hope your [sic] feeling better. Good luck with your treatment.”

Abby has been battling Burkitt lymphoma over the past few months, which is a form non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and it is a type of cancer that develops in the immune cells, or B-cells, according to WebMD. It is known as the fastest growing human tumor and people who suffer from it also suffer from a weakened immune system.



The reality TV star found out that she had cancer after she had to undergo emergency spinal surgery after she had been experiencing “excruciating neck pain” and weakness in her arm. She quickly became paralyzed from the neck down Doctors initially thought she has a rare spinal infection, but it turned out to be Burkitt lymphoma. We hope this fever is just a small hiccup in Abby’s recovery and that she will get better soon!