The Office alum Mindy Kaling is nearly unrecognizable after undergoing a major weight loss transformation beginning in 2021. While initially quiet about her journey, the Massachusetts native did not leave fans to speculate as to how she achieved such drastic results. Keep reading for details on how Mindy Kaling lost weight. 

How Did Mindy Kaling Lose Weight?

The mother of two opened up about the work she put in to reach her goals while promoting her swimwear collab with Andie Swim in May 2023. 

“I know people are really interested in the changes in my body, and I think it’s flattering but sometimes it’s just a little much, so I try not to tune into it,” she told People when asked about the rumors surrounding her weight loss. “The truth is that I spend so much time and energy trying to be healthy. I run or hike 20 miles a week and I lift weights. It’s a big commitment for me. I basically live in workout clothes so I can get it in.”

In June 2023, the Never Have I Ever creator took to Instagram on her 44th birthday to “acknowledge that [she is] happy.”

“My doctor told me that this year I was the healthiest I’ve been in years. That’s a pretty damn good gift, right?” she shared on June 24, alongside a photo of her children.

What Is Mindy Kaling’s Workout Routine?

After revealing her newly toned physique, the Mindy Project alum revealed that it was difficult to change her mindset surrounding working out. 

“I’ve tried really hard to let go of this idea of losing weight for vanity reasons and really trying to think of how I can be healthy,” she told People in May 2022, adding that it took a “long time” to shed “negative connotations around working out.”

Now, the Kaling International founder stays active through activities such as jogging, hiking, yoga, Pilates and weightlifting. 

“When I was younger, I had a very specific idea of how working out needed to be. It was like 45 minutes on the treadmill, seven-minute mile, it needed to be punishing, I needed to hate it,” she recalled. “I don’t have to be like the expert at the thing to really enjoy it and to get a great workout.”

What Is Mindy Kaling’s Diet?

In her 2011 memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Mindy recalled how she dropped “thirty pounds in about two months” in high school by “[eating] exactly half of what was put in front of me, and no dessert.”

As she became famous, the No Strings Attached star said she “used to be the person that was like, I have to stop eating these foods, or six weeks beforehand, I’m only going to juice.” However, during a May 2022 appearance on Today, Mindy claimed that moderation was the key to her weight loss success. 

“I’m never going to stop being a foodie. I’m never going to be someone who can just have spinach and salmon every day,” she said. “I just am really for the first time in my life, trying moderation, and I love it.”

What Has Mindy Kaling Said About Her Weight Loss?

Amid increased attention about her weight loss, Mindy opened up to Allure about the criticism she’s received from the general public, revealing that she doesn’t love the discourse about her weight.

“It’s not super exciting for me to talk about my body and how it’s analyzed,” she said, before being asked to address fans that feel as though they lost the actress as a body positive role model. “I think I’m just not going to get into it because it takes over the conversation unfortunately and people take it so personally,” she responded.