She's still so grateful! It's been three months since Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed with cancer, but she's still in good spirits according to her former student and Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa. Back in May, JoJo brought her a soft blanket to keep her comfortable, and it seems like she's kept in touch with Abby throughout her cancer battle because now, JoJo is giving fans an update on Abby's progress. Watch the video above to see Abby's emotional reaction.

"You know, Abby is doing great," the 15-year-old told Us Weekly. "She’s in good spirits, she has great people surrounding her." JoJo also added that Abby is still staying at a Los Angeles health facility and she "has a couple of rounds of chemo to go through." "She’s a fighter, she’s got this," JoJo said.

In a YouTube video compiled of footage from the time JoJo visited Abby in May, JoJo said that Abby "is probably one of the toughest, strongest human beings that I know."

During her visit, JoJo also presented Abby with a $10,000 check. As she talked through tears, the former Dance Moms matriarch opened up about how hard this battle has been. "It's horrible," Abby explained as both of her parents previously died from cancer. "I knew it was only a matter of time, [before I got cancer] but I didn't think it would be now."

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Along with JoJo's contagiously uplifting spirit, a rep for Dancers Against Cancer who presented Abby with the check also passed along some encouraging words. "We're here to spread a little hope to you and let you know that you're not alone," the rep told Abby. "We're fighting right alongside of you."

It seems like Abby is still staying strong in her fight against cancer and she's been making progress in her recovery — and she is slowly regaining mobility in her legs after undergoing multiple spinal surgeries.