You go, girl! Even though Alexa PenaVega has an almost two-year-old son on her hands, she still manages to make time for herself by working out, and damn, she looks amazing. So, how exactly does the 30-year-old get into such great shape?

These days, many celebs rely on the Keto diet to help them lose weight and Alexa counts herself as a fan. “What’s really worked for us is we really love Keto and we were doing Keto for a couple of years, and it had just given us the most energy. We kind of try to avoid carbs anyway. So, we do everything in moderation — mainly a Keto diet where it’s just proteins and good fats, but then we’ll have trips where we just indulge,” the actress exclusively spilled to Life & Style.

The Spy Kids alum doesn’t have a goal when it comes to losing weight either — she just wants to feel strong. “It’s so easy to fall into the mind-set of, ‘I’ve got to be skinny,’ but that’s stupid. You don’t want to be skinny, you want to be fit! I think there’s a huge difference and also being fit takes work,” she said. “It takes an effort and to be able to show, ‘You know what? I dedicated this time to improving myself every day,’ like it gives yourself value.” Preach, girl!

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#AbDay its the worst… but just do it.

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She continued, “This is what I love — I think we have finally reached a really cool point in society where it’s not about being skinny. For so long it was about being skinny. Now it’s like, how can you be your best self? And for me, it’s always about being strong.”

Alexa is also obsessed with a workout app called Beachbody, where you can watch hundreds of different workouts at any time. She confessed, “I just really, really like them because even when I am traveling, it is something I can keep up with if I have enough energy.”

While Alexa and her husband were both on Dancing With the Stars, she admitted that she is not in the same shape now as she was back then. She recalled that she “never moved that much” in her life before the show. “We were dancing eight to 12 hours a day. Carlos, actually, he’s like, ‘Babe, you need to eat more.’ You lose so much weight, you look like a piece of beef jerky,” she said.

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Keep it up, Alexa! You’re definitely #bodygoals. As for what the family’s up to now? Well, the PenaVegas were named the Godfamily to Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas cruise ship, so it looks like they’ll be spending lots of time together vacationing around the globe! “It’s the ultimate family vacation,” the star dished. Get us a ticket, please!

Reporting by Diana Cooper.