Who says buying a prom dress has to break the bank? Certainly not Amber Scholl. The 24-year-old YouTube vlogger uploaded a DIY video on March 31, 2018, showing her fans how she transformed a $4 thrift store dress into what admittedly could pass for couture. Amber's video is going viral after getting more than one million views on the streaming site.

"I love doing things on a budget and I love being creative, so I thought in the spirit of prom 'get ready with me' shopping videos, I would do my own little do-it-yourself version and show you how to make your own dress cheap, easy, and fabulously!" she shared with fans.

"How aren't you a designer? You're killing the game right now baby girl," one fan wrote. Another added, "This girl took a four dollar dress and made it into Balmain! Hahaha, love you Amber."

Honestly, though… she used a simple skater style dress, a needle, thread, and a bag of craft supplies to create this bombshell look. Now, that's talent!

"Number one rule of fashion is if it fits good it looks good," Amber explained to Yahoo about her inspiration behind the video. "I knew I could turn [the dress] into something fabulous! I love a blank canvas because I can just see the possibilities so clearly in my head when I look at something."

For all the haters complaining that the dress isn't appropriate for a high school prom — she's well aware, but the point of the video was to showcase her creativity and style. "Okay I'll admit, maybe a little inappropriate for prom, but for my everyday life it's perfect," she said before jokingly adding, "Trader Joe's, here I come."