He’s back in the dating pool, y’all! Two months after his first child, Benjamin Allen, was born, Bravo TV boss Andy Cohen went on his first post-baby date — but unfortunately for him, it wasn’t exactly the date to end all dates. The 50-year-old host detailed the encounter during the April 3 episode of The Howard Stern Show, which happened to be with one of Howard’s staffers Chris Wilding.

The outing in question went down on March 19 at the Monkey Bar in Midtown NYC and Andy was adamant that he wasn’t exactly on the same level as the Stern show employee, who was more “looking for love” than he was. “I said to him right at the beginning, ‘I am here because I want to be your friend.’ I was upfront. I just felt like I wanted to have a drink with this guy. I wanted to get to know him,” he explained. “I clearly went into this with a different feeling than Chris did.”

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At least he was honest, though, because sometimes we can’t even get that much out of our potential suitors. “I wanted to be clear with you in the beginning because you were in a position where you deserved that,” Andy told Chris directly, who was in the studio during the discussion. Plus, Andy even revealed he offered to introduce Chris to a few friends who would be good fits. “I set you up with someone who I thought was a great catch, and I still do!”

But apparently, even that gesture didn’t do much to change Chris’ mind about the evening — he wasn’t impressed when the former newscaster showed up 15 minutes late, among other first date no-nos.

“I didn’t expect him to be so drunk,” Chris explained his side of the story. “He was looking off into the ether, looking at his phone. He was zoning … [like] when you’re speaking to someone and they’re not giving you a nonverbal cue or nodding their head. I felt self-conscious because I felt like I was really not wowing this guy. [And then] we were talking and Andy took out his phone and said, ‘Is it rude that I’m ordering a Lyft while I’m talking to you?'”

Big, big yikes, Andy. Definitely not a good look.

“It was a very odd date,” Chris concluded. “If it was a date with a ‘civilian,’ I would say it went very poorly. The fact that it was Andy, it was very cool. I do like Andy. The date is just a little sloppy.” At least it seems like Howard’s staffer has no hard feelings, but that doesn’t mean the date doesn’t get a spot on Andy’s list of regrets. Upon leaving the spot, the Bravo exec actually slammed face first into the glass door entrance to the restaurant. “It was bad,” Andy recalled. “I was not happy about it. I raced into the Lyft from there. I was embarrassed.”

But no matter what, he’s proud of himself for getting out there. “It’s the first time I’ve been out with someone since I had a child,” he revealed.