It was a wild ride on Bachelor in Paradise this year, and believe it or not, Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are one of the strongest couples after the final rose… and the only pair still engaged! Let’s take a look back at their surprisingly adorable love story, and how they’re doing after the show!

Chris and Krystal didn’t immediately connect. 

When Paradise kicked off and Tia Booth had the first date card, she wasn’t sure at first who to take. But when she asked Chris, they actually hit it off. All was going well between them and they seemed on the path to becoming an actual couple — until Colton showed up. Though Chris made a big show of standing up for Tia and telling her that she deserved to be someone’s first choice, his eyes had also started wandering over to Krystal. 

Krystal also made a few other connections, kissing Kevin Wendt, who she said had “pillow lips,” and even going on a date with Kenny King. Krystal ended up loving the wrestling match they watched together — and the one that Kenny joined in on, too. But while Kenny was feeling it, Krystal wasn’t there for the romance. Instead, as Tia started to waver on how she might feel about Colton, Krystal gravitated toward Chris, the man left behind. 

There was a little bit of a love triangle for a minute there. 

Though Chris and Krystal discovered their mutual interest pretty fast, it wasn’t before Tia had fully called it quits with the Goose. While the Southern beauty was still making up her mind about how she felt, Chris declared that he was only there for her and wouldn’t go on a date with anyone else. Approximately five minutes later, while laying on one of the day beds with Krystal, he proclaimed that he’d never kissed a blonde before — and wanted her to be the first. 

The next day, Tia confronted him about the kiss, and when Krystal joined the conversation, she noticed that they were not only in a love triangle, they were literally sitting in a triangle. When Tia decided that she was done and bowing out of whatever had been between her and Chris, he announced that he’d already decided to do the same thing. And from then on out, Krystal and Chris were all in. 

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After that, there was a little bit of a Connor complication.

When Connor Obrochta showed up in paradise, he revealed to Krystal that he’d come hoping to meet her. And, funnily enough, that had been Krystal’s initial intent, too. When Connor asked her to join him for a one-on-one date, she couldn’t help but give it a shot. After all, this was the guy she’d been daydreaming about meeting. Didn’t she owe it to herself to give him a shot? To her credit, though, she did chat it out first with Chris — but then left the conversation with her signature baby voice. 

Connor didn’t manage to steal her heart, despite what seemed like a pretty good date. Once they were back on the sand, Krystal was all Chris’s once more. Chris even set up a little yoga date for them to do before the rose ceremony and asked her to teach him a few positions. Though Krystal at first didn’t seem too into it (her, “You’re asking me to work?” comment was iconic), she warmed up to the idea and even helped adjust Chris as he attempted some of the poses. And when it came time to give out roses, Chris got Krystal’s. 

That’s when things got serious. 

They were pretty into each other all season, but things got way more intense after they finally got a date together and exchanged “I love you’s.” The pair stayed on the same page from then on, talking about how they know they want to spend their lives together. When the opportunity arose for them to spend a night in the fantasy suite, they went for it! The next morning, Chris popped the question and Krystal couldn’t help but say yes.  

And we kind of fell in love with them on the reunion special. 

Sure, both Krystal and Chris were villains on their respective seasons, and Chris seemed to be started BIP much the same way. But somehow, their love turned that around. Krystal won over her former haters, and Chris made us melt when he began crying at the reunion. He was just so emotional talking about his love for Krystal, and the pair had their moms, who have become the best of friends, in the audience. It was so sweet.

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They’re taking the next step.

While Chris admitted in a recent interview that he’s got a “poop phobia” and can’t have babies just yet for that reason (he’s even scared to pick up after Krystal’s dogs), the couple is taking a big step and moving in together in Los Angeles.