Yikes. It looks like James Charles is losing friends just as fast as he’s losing subscribers. In the days following Tati Westbrook’s scathing “Bye Sister” YouTube video, the 19-year-old beauty blogger has been denounced by several members of the influencer community including Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star. Now, it seems as though his longtime BFF and fellow member of the “Sister Squad” Emma Chamberlain is following — or should we say unfollowing — suit.

Unlike Tana, 20, and Jeffree, 33, the 17-year-old social media star hasn’t publicly condemned James or his behavior. However, she no longer follows the makeup mogul on Instagram. We know what you may be thinking, “Emma only follows 42 people on the ‘Gram, maybe she’s just super exclusive!” OK, yes, we see your point — and to be fair, she is — but after her Instagram purge earlier this year, James made the cut.

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It’s obvious to fans that the unfollow deliberately came after Tati, 37, exposed James. Surprisingly enough, though, a lot of people are not in support of Emma’s decision. “People who are praising the Dolan twins and Emma Chamberlain for unfollowing James Charles, do you realize that as his best friends they’ve probably known about this behavior for ages and enabled it? They’re probably only unfollowing now to save their own status and careers,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I actually think it’s kinda disgusting how the Dolan twins, Emma Chamberlain and James Charles always have looked like best friends and everything in videos, but now when James got exposed they just unfollowed him. They’re not real friends, they’re absolute scumbags,” added another.

ICYMI: James, Ethan and Grayson Dolan and Emma formed the “Sister Squad” in June 2018. Basically, from there on out, they were constantly collaborating for each other’s channels and doing extravagant best friend challenges like buying your bestie their dream Christmas present. For example, Grayson bought James a customized piano with a “sisters” logo on it. Not exactly your typical exchange between teenagers, huh?

While the foursome did slow down on the videos over time, a lot of people assumed it was because of the growing rumors that Emma and Ethan, 19, were dating. In retrospect, though, perhaps James behavior was to blame. Either way, the “Sister Squad” is no more and James’ friendship with Emma has likely met the same fate.

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