Love is still in the air! Despite her recent split from ex fiancé Pete Davidson, it looks like Ariana Grande has already found her soulmate — her pet pig, Piggy Smallz.

The 25-year-old pop singer couldn’t help but express the love she has for the little piglet. When a fan asked her about Piggy Smallz’s well-being, Ariana gushed about her. “The absolute love of my life …………. i have no idea what i did …… to deserve her,” she replied in a Tweet.

Piggy Smallz seems to have lit up Ariana’s personal life as of late, but also her career. She is the star of Ariana’s music video for her latest single “Breathin.” The video is basically Piggy Smallz walking around on a bed in grainy quality. It’s evident how much Ariana loves her pet pig, which is the newest addition to her large collection of pets, made up of mostly dogs.

Ariana isn’t the only one who has adoration for Piggy Smallz. The adorable animal also has fans — at least 561K of them who follow her on her own personal Instagram account created and ran by Ariana.

The “God Is A Woman” singer first got Piggy Smallz back in September, and was co-parenting with Pete at the time. Since the former couple split earlier this month after four months together, we assume he’s also not in Piggy Smallz’s life anymore.

Pete recently addressed their breakup for the first time in a comedy skit for a benefit show with Judd Apatow. As always, the Saturday Night Live comedian used humor to poke fun at himself, as well as his current living situation. “I think you could tell I didn’t want to be here… There’s a lot going on. Anybody have open rooms? I’m looking for a roommate,” he told the audience.

It’s also been reported that Pete has been sending Ariana gifts, as a way for her to take him back. We bet he wishes he was Piggy Smallz. I mean, can you blame him?