Timing is everything. While there’s no doubt that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shared a whirlwind romance, a report is now suggesting that the SNL star ultimately had a negative influence on Ari following the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

“She completely fell to pieces when she found out Mac had died, and suddenly her relationship with Pete came under so much pressure,” a source revealed to Heat magazine.

“He tried to be there for her, but Pete also has his issues (he’s spoken publicly about his alcohol and marijuana use, as well as having borderline personality disorder) and in the end, he just wasn’t the right person to be around Ariana at this moment in her life,” the source admitted. 

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In addition to Pete’s personal struggles stifling the pair’s relationship, fans of the “God is a Woman” singer began to take issue with how often the 24-year-old made crude jokes at the expense of his former fiancé. Most notably, Pete once quipped that he switched Ariana’s birth control with Tic Tacs. Needless to say, the backlash against the comedian was not only immediate but unrelenting.

“Pete Davidson jokes about terrorist attacks, feels bad for a man that groped Ari on live TV, may or may not hide her birth control to trap her, is obsessed with updating us about the stage of her vag, and doesn’t pay rent. Ari, please, baby girl. This is not the one, two, or the three. Run!” one user commented on Twitter at the time.

As to whether Pete’s particular brand of humor was partially responsible for their split remains to be seen. However, many people have commented that while the couple’s breakup was sudden — it wasn’t exactly shocking.

At it stands, Ariana has yet to publicly comment on calling off her engagement. Here’s hoping that she’s taking this time to surround herself with the right people. Sorry, Pete!

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