Haters, take a seat! Khloé Kardashian‘s new mama bear instincts kicked in after trolls bullied Ariana Grande, so much so, that she changed her Instagram caption. The pop star — who recently split from her former fiancé, Pete Davidson — shared a selfie with fans on Monday, Oct. 22, only to be attacked for her forehead.

“IM SRY AB [about] MY FOREHEAD,” the newly single 24-year-old wrote. In response, the Keeping up With the Kardashians star commented, “Your forehead is perfect, but it’s the best for those sweet forehead kisses us girls love.” BRB, sobbing.

People quickly began commenting on the sweet gesture, with one supporter writing, “AGREED,” while another added, “This is so sweet WTF.” A third chimed in, “You are now my fave Kardashiannnn [sic].”

Ariana Grande Instagram screenshot

Just last week, Ariana and Pete called off their engagement after Mac Miller’s tragic death reportedly “put a tremendous amount of strain” on the couple — and apparently, they didn’t even start planning their wedding.

A source suggested that the entire summer went by without the pair bothering to lock down a venue, decide on a date, or pick out their wedding day attire. In other words, it kinda-sorta sounds like Ari and her Saturday Night Live guy were just doomed from the start.

The source added that Ariana spoke to her mom briefly about their nuptials… but that was pretty much it! That said, the “God is a Woman” singer did provide fans with one clue that she was excited about her big day — she was rockin’ that big ol’ engagement ring wherever she went. Of course, we now know she has since given that back.

But she didn’t come out of the relationship completely empty-handed. Nay, Ari was able to keep their love pet, Piggy Smallz — so we call that a win!

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