Introducing … Kardashian Week! In honor of the 10th anniversary of KUWTK, we’re celebrating big time at Life & Style. Check back each day this week for more fun features about your favorite reality TV family.

We don’t think it’s crazy to say that despite our love affair with the Kardashians, they don’t hold the title of America’s most genuine family. As such, it’s no secret that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is scripted, not to mention severely edited (and most likely heavily contoured). But you may not know which scenes were carefully constructed by the family, and just how many iconic moments were probably penned by a team of writers.

Watch the video below to see KUWTK‘s scripted scenes, and which of your favorite moments were blatantly reshot, redone, or written into an episode altogether!

This is, naturally, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fake (or at the very least, improperly edited) KUWTK moments. With 13 seasons and counting — not including spin-offs and specials — plus millions of followers watching their social media accounts with an eagle eye, it’s easy to pick up continuity errors in each and every episode.

However, there are some edits in particular that have definitely been uncovered as massive mess-ups or huge fabrications when it comes to reshooting some of the Kardashians’ biggest life moments. It’s safe to say that not one, but two Kardashian proposals have been doctored for the cameras, with one being an outright reshoot (and the other being decidedly suspect). And you won’t believe which one of the sisters’ public shames was completely recreated for the cameras in the show’s first season.

While Keeping Up With the Kardashians may be as fake as, well, nearly anything that bears the Kardashian name, we still can’t resist joining them every week for a new misadventure. You can’t write entertainment like that! Or… we guess you can.