It’s a million dollar offer, y’all. Just days after Ariana Grande went under the tattoo needle to ink the palm of her hand in Japanese, she responded to a huge offer to remove the misspelled tat on Twitter.

“I’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts,” the 25-year-old responded in a retweet of a report about an offer from the laser removal company LaserAway for free tattoo removal treatments and a paid position as a spokesperson for the brand. According to reports, the offer was worth at least $1.5 million.

She also responded to a fan’s concern about the misspelling in a now-deleted tweet, saying she “went back and got [the tattoo] fixed with the help of my tutor to be more accurate. I can’t read or write Kanji obviously. What do you want me to do? It was done out of love and appreciation. What do you want me to say?”

The tutor apparently didn’t help very much, unfortunately, as the tattoo is still wrong, according to some fans and native speakers. The original intention of her tat was for it to read “7 Rings,” in honor of her new track. She reportedly ended up with “Japanese BBQ,” and then after her tutor’s help, “Japanese BBQ Finger.” Woof. Talk about a tattoo fail, y’all.

Following up her second tweet, she continued to show her dedication to righting her wrong — even if it didn’t go so well. “[You] know how many people make this mistake and DON’T care just cause they like how it looks? Bruh [sic]…. I care soooo much,” she wrote in another now-deleted tweet. “What would [you] like me to do or say? Forreal.”

She also addressed the backlash from fans concerned about cultural appropriation. “There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. My Japanese fans were always excited when I wrote in Japanese or wore Japanese sayings on my clothing. However, all of the merch with Japanese on it was taken down from my site not that anyone cared to notice,” she wrote in a third now-deleted tweet.

Finally, she explained she would be stepping back from immersing herself in Japanese culture and stop taking Japanese lessons due to this experience. “It’s literally just something that brings me joy and that I’m passionate about. I legit wanted to move there one day. But all good. Have a good one,” she wrote in another deleted tweet.

Not only do we feel bad for Ari and her botched tat, we also understand her emotional response to the backlash. We hope she can come to an accurate conclusion with her body mod and be happy with it once and for all — it’s clear the piece means a lot to her.