Keep your head up, girl! On Nov. 7, Ariana Grande took to Twitter where she, believe it or not, decided to troll herself. Talk about a plot twist, huh? 

“Remember when I was like, ‘Hey I have no tears left to cry,’ and the universe was, like ‘HAAAAAAAAA b—-h u thought,'” the songstress wrote. 

Psst! If you don’t listen to Ariana’s music, “No Tears Left to Cry” is one of her hit singles off Sweetener. Psst, again! You should really listen to Ari’s music.

To be fair, it’s entirely possible that the brunette beauty was just joking around with some self-deprecating humor. We’ve all been there, right? However, if there’s any woman who has the right to cry right now… it’s her!

After all, within the past few months alone, the 25-year-old lost her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller to a drug overdose and called it quits with her former fiancé, Pete Davidson. Needless to say, it’s being a trying time in her life.

Thankfully, her loyal fans have been sensitive to that fact and continue to offer Ariana words of love, support, and encouragement. “You’re strong and you’ve got this, I promise! Love you always,” one user replied to Ari’s tweet.

“Sending you the most love. You are so strong!” wrote another. One person even chimed in with a variation of some lyrics from Ariana’s latest song, “thank u, next.” How cute! “You handle the pain — and that s–t’s amazing,'” they wrote. 

Speaking of “thank u, next,” Ariana only released the song on Nov. 4, and already it has become a classic breakup anthem. In fact, everyone from Halsey to Khloé Kardashian has shown the pop star love on social media. Keep killing it, Ari! We love you. 

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