It may be Lauren Burnham that had to undergo a medical procedure on May 14, but her husband Arie Luyendyk Jr. was the one feeling the heat! The former Bachelor couple took to Instagram Stories to talk about having an E.C.V. done to flip their baby from the breech position to the proper upside-down position so she could give birth naturally, and let’s just say, Arie was a little freaked out watching it happen.

“It was so crazy, because there was a doctor on one side and a doctor on the other side, and our doctor, Dr. Crum, was next to me,” he explained. “Lauren sort of had her head down, and when they started moving the baby she, literally it was like half of Lauren’s stomach rose up … and I was like ‘oh my god, you’re killing my wife!’ And then as soon as [the baby’s] head when down into your pelvis … your belly went back to normal. It was like the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. Oh man. It looked painful. I was gonna videotape it but then I was like … there’s no way. She’s gonna die, I need to be there for her.”


For her part, Lauren seemed way less freaked out, though she did admit it hurt like hell. “Did not feel good at all,” she told her hubby. “I’m just scared she’s gonna move back. I’m like trying to hold her in place.” Unfortunately, that’s a real possibility. WebMD says that sometimes babies do flip back to breech, but most of the time they go on to have a successful natural birth as planned. Hopefully that’s the case for Lauren!


The couple definitely seems to be staying positive. They posted on their baby’s Instagram writing, “37 weeks old and it was an eventful morning, let me tell you. I was sleeping minding my own business and two giant hands from out there turned my body and now I’m upside down?! I have to say the whole thing was pretty alarming, but now that I’m down here I think I’ll stay for a while … I picture Mom and Dad with big smiles on their faces right now knowing I’m facing down and ready to meet them soon!”