How good is Bachelor Nation at following the rules? Just ask past Bachelor in Paradise contestants!

“I think everybody, whenever they see us from the show, they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, how [beautiful].’ Sunsets are incredible, but, like, [the toilets] barely flushed,” Jared Haibon told Us Weekly in August 2021 about BiP. “You share, like, one bathroom with eight dudes.”

Paradise? Maybe not. Before hitting the beach for The Bachelor spinoff series, hopeful contestants looking for love actually have a ton of rules they need to follow. From dress codes to apparent psych exams, the contestants seemingly go through a lot before even starting their journey for love.

Keep reading for everything we know. 

The Drinking Limit

Following the 2017 season of Bachelor in Paradise, contestants were only able to have two drinks per hour. However, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert revealed to Us Weekly in September 2021 that it doesn’t change things too much.

“They’ve got a little binder with your picture in it. Every time you get served a drink, they do a little tick mark in it and then every hour it resets,” Dean shared. “I remember there were ways to, like, not cheat the system, but just kind of get the most out of the experience.”

Caelynn elaborated, adding, “Get two drinks at 2:55 and then get two more drinks right at 3.”

What Rules?! 'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Members Have a Few Conditions Before Hitting the Beach
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Mental Health Exam

It’s less of an exam and more of an assessment, but all Bachelor in Paradise contestants talk to psychologists before their season starts.

“They have psychologists on board, and it’s their job to mentally assess you to see how you’re going to react to situations,” Kalon McMahon shared during a 2014 interview. “I have to admit, they are very good at their jobs.”

Dylan Barbour later doubled-down on this in a Twitter post years later. “Absolute wild experience, but there’s a chance you meet someone for real,” he claimed in a 2021 tweet. “You all take psych exams, so you could be scientifically matched.”

Giving Consent!

“If you wanted to spend the night with someone, you had to give consent on camera,” Vinny Ventiera told Us Weekly in 2017.

There Is a Dress Code … Kind of

“There was one time Caelynn and I were on camera together and I wanted to wear white and she was already wearing white and they were like, ‘You shouldn’t wear whatever, you look like you belong to a cult or something,’” Dean also recalled to Us Weekly. “There’s definitely some cases where I wanted to wear something and they, like, advised me not to. … They’re not super strict with the dress code.”