Bachelor in Paradise alums Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes reacted to fan backlash that she’s “changed completely” for him. “That’s my biggest gripe,” Dean exclusively tells Life & Style

“There’s a lot of like misogynistic undertones. … They’re saying things like, ‘Caelynn is changing so much for Dean. She’s doing all these things.’ Like, she’s a full-grown woman making all of her own decisions, the Colorado native, 30, explains about receiving rude Instagram comments and DMs from followers. “They disparage our relationship because it’s unfamiliar to them, you know? Like, it doesn’t make sense in their world.”

Dean and Caelynn, 26, met during season 6 of Paradise in 2019. Although the former Bachelorette contestant self-eliminated, he later returned to the beach in Mexico and asked the former beauty queen to leave with him. They recently purchased a house together in Las Vegas and live an adventurous lifestyle

The pair have even partnered with Mobil 1 to encourage people to hit the road this summer by offering a free road trip to one lucky winner worth more than $20,000.

“If she didn’t want any to do any of this stuff, she just wouldn’t do it,” Dean continues, adding his girlfriend is her own “individual” and a “very intelligent person.” 

“[She] wants to experience all these new things, and we experienced a lot of new things together, and we experienced a lot of new things separately,” the podcast host says. “People just seem to fully bypass that and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, she spends three nights a month in Dean’s van. She’s changed completely for him.’”

Paradise's Caelynn, Dean React to Her 'Changing' for Him

For Caelynn’s part, she says Dean is a “great boyfriend,” but sometimes, fans don’t understand is “sarcastic” and “very dry sense of humor.”

“The DMs that I get are just insane. Like, ‘You need to get some self-esteem because he doesn’t tell you he loves you.’ Of course, we’ve been together for two years, he tells me he loves me,” the former Miss North Carolina acknowledges. “He’s an amazing partner … I think that’s the biggest misconception is just like people twisting his words or just taking him so literally — and that is something you should just never do.”