She’s got his back — or at least his arm! After getting out of the hospital in Switzerland, Dean Unglert is sending a little love to girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes. While sharing a sweet new photo of them on Thursday, January 2, the Bachelor in Paradise alum teased his boo with a playful caption as he compared her to his two crutches. “Got to ring in the new year with my three biggest supporters,” he wrote.

Jokes aside, it’s clear the double entendre was spot on. The Bachelor star has been by her man’s side ever since he ended up in the hospital following his skiing accident. On New Year’s Eve, Caelynn, 24, shared her own set of selfies of the two of them, captioning the Instagram album, “It’s not the NYE we planned, but I sure am happy I still get to spend it with you. 😘” Following his release from the hospital on December 28, the former pageant queen also took Dean, 28, around the country for a little adventure.

Though hanging in the Alps during the holiday wasn’t originally in the plans for the happy couple, Caelynn didn’t seem to mind adjusting her vacation so that she could support the Bachelorette alum. In December, Dean revealed exclusively to Life & Style that they’d arranged to meet up in Berlin, Germany after spending Christmas apart. After he dislocated his hip and fractured his femur just days before the holiday, however, he found himself stuck in Switzerland. By December 26, his girlfriend revealed she was hopping on a plane to head his way.

The move showed just how far these two have come despite the fact that Dean insisted to Life & Style in December that they’re “taking their time” growing their relationship. “We’re building the trust as time goes on,” he shared. “We’re still — we’re six months into the relationship.” Instead of rushing into an engagement like many couples do on the show, they’re happy to take things slow for now.

“I think that we both had to deal with our trials and tribulations both together and separately,” he explained. “You know, she had kind of got put through the wringer with her experience on the show. I’ve been through the wringer in the past and so this time, I was able to kind of like ground her and make her realize that everything’s gonna be OK.”