Expect turbulence? Bachelor star Peter Weber teased the “amazing” journey to find his “girl” ahead of the season 24 premiere on January 6. The Bachelor Nation stud took to Instagram to gush over the wild ride that included gorgeous contestants, lots of steamy moments and (of course) a little drama.

“It’s impossible for me to express how thankful I am for having the most amazing opportunity to find my girl,” the 28-year-old began his heartfelt Instagram post. Judging from this first line, it sounds like he does end up with one lucky lady.

Who Wins Peter Weber's First Impression Rose on The Bachelor
ABC/Maarten de Boer

However, Peter also mentioned the other 29 contestants who put their lives on hold for a chance at love. “To every single woman that shows up tonight, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on me,” he continued. “Through every high and every low, I had the time of my life getting to know you all and made memories I will cherish forever.”

The California native seems like a great catch but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to get rocky while he navigates dating multiple women. “Thank you for being patient with me when I needed it, your grace never went unnoticed,” he added.

Finding love takes a big team of people inside the Bachelor bubble. “To everyone involved in playing a part to make all of this come together, thank you. You all know who you are and we’re family for life,” Peter gushed. “To Bachelor Nation, you all have been absolutely amazing. I have felt the love nonstop and it means so much that you have invested in me finding what I’m after. I hope you all enjoy the flight, we’re cleared for takeoff.”

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber First Impression Rose The Bachelor
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Which contestant will win Peter’s heart? If you’re in need of tips for your Bachelor bracket, the reality hunk shared what he’s looking for in a partner during an interview with  back in September, just hours after he was announced as the next leading man.

“Obviously, it sounds cliche, but [I’m looking for] that girl [who] is my best friend. You are just so madly in love with her and you can’t believe that you were lucky enough to find her and spend the rest of your life with her,” he confessed. “The girl that is as thirsty for adventure as I am and just constantly exploring and never is gonna lose that. A girl that family is extremely important to her because for me coming from such a close family, that’s my rock.”

We hope you found her, Peter!