The drama is real! Bachelor star Peter Weber‘s beauty queen contestants this season — specifically Alayah Benavidez and Victoria Paul — will make even Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes roll their eyes. The former pageant girls stir up a bit trouble in the mansion after fellow contestant Sydney Hightower tells Peter that Alayah seems to “turn it on” for the cameras. Caution: Spoilers for week 3 are below!

During week 3’s episode on January 20, Sydney confronted the pilot with her feelings about Alayah. She didn’t initially drop any names, but Peter put her on the spot in front of the other ladies and insisted she pointed out who she was talking about.

Sydney and Alayah drama the bachelor

“That freaks me out so much that I could possibly develop feelings with someone who is not being real with me,” the leading man confessed about why he was spiraling over the accusation.

Later in the episode, there was a pool party ahead of the rose ceremony. Sydney told Peter to ask around about the Texas native to find out for himself.

“I love Alayah. I think she’s a great person, but do I think she acts a certain way in front of the camera? Yes,” Kelsey Weier said, which confirmed the pilot’s suspicions. “People who have been in pageants know how to turn it on but you need to figure that out for yourself.”

“I think some people kind of try on for the cameras, maybe it’s just the background she has with the pageants … I don’t know. I feel like you’re not getting a genuine version — you’re getting the version who is most perfect,” Lexi Buchanan added in a separate conversation.

Alayah the bachelor week 3

However, the final nail in Alayah’s elimination came from Victoria P. Although she confessed that she had only “collectively spent maybe three hours” with her fellow beauty queen before coming on the show, she did have some very interesting information.

“It’s difficult for me to be in this position, but I know she asked me to not tell producers that we knew each other,” Victoria P. began to explain. “Looking back, she did ask me to lie and that’s not who I am … Coming into this, she was really looking forward to all the opportunities to come from this even if you weren’t her husband.” Alayah was sent home the following rose ceremony.

The contestant roster is jam-packed with gorgeous ladies who formerly held pageant titles around the country. Alayah is Miss Texas 2019 and competed for Miss USA — though she did not place in the top 15. She’s from San Antonio and seems to be the eye of the drama hurricane. Although she was eliminated during week 3, she felt like Victoria P. did her wrong. The Texas native apparently returned during a rose ceremony in Ohio to confront Peter about how Victoria allegedly “lied” to him, according to Reality Steve. However, she was sent packing again, despite her passionate plea.

While Victoria P. and Alayah seem to be the center of the drama, they are far from being the only beauty queens this season. Contestant Hannah Sluss — the brunette beauty who won the first impression rose — has been in the pageant circuit since 2014. She was the first runner-up as Miss Tennessee in 2018. In addition, Kelsey was Miss Iowa in 2017, Maurissa Gunn was Miss Montana Teen in 2013 and Courtney Perry competed in a slew of pageants for Winghouse in Florida (still counts, in our opinion).

Good luck, Peter!