Clearly, Peter Weber has a type! On this season of The Bachelor, the 28-year-old pilot is looking for love, and Victoria Paul — a former pageant queen — might just be what he’s looking for. Keep reading to get more information about the blonde beauty.

She Is a Pageant Winner

Just like five other ladies who are competing on this season of the ABC hit show, the 27-year-old is Miss Louisiana and was top 15 at Miss USA. “Her goal as Miss Louisiana USA 2019 is to use her voice to inspire children to follow their dreams no matter from where they may come, including those facing issues such as poverty or addictive parents,” her pageant biography reads.

After Victoria won, she gushed over the experience on Instagram. “Tonight, I’ll walk on the Miss USA stage with 50 of the most incredible women in honor of every single individual who has walked alongside of me to get here as well as those who feel marginalized by labels or where they come from,” she wrote in May 2019. “I love you all. Here’s to making the little girl I once was in Louisiana proud.”

Victoria Paul With Peter Weber on the Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

She’s Had a Tough Childhood

Even though the reality starlet is thriving these days, her childhood was pretty tough. “Victoria lost her father at a young age and both her mother and sister struggled with drug addiction,” her ABC biography reads. “Victoria grew up fast and as of three years ago, her mother and sister are now both sober and have a stronger family bond than ever before.”

She Is a Nurse

Victoria is helping to save lives day and night since she is a nurse and “is a natural caregiver,” her bio explains. Additionally, Victoria practiced specialty nursing for two years in dermatology before she started working in urgent care.

She Is Ready to Find Love

It seems like Victoria is on the show for the right reasons! “Victoria is on ‘The Bachelor’ because she has never given herself a fair shot at finding love,” the bio reads. “She has been in one serious relationship that lasted for two years, but his infidelity led to them breaking up after she stumbled upon a video on her ex’s phone which proved he had been cheating on her.” Woof, that is a tough pill to swallow.

She Gets a One on One Date With Peter

The Louisiana native and the handsome hunk get some time together on this upcoming season, according to Reality Steve. The two seemed to have a good old time at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. “Peter and Victoria came into the bar, chatted with each other, line danced with the crowd, then Peter rode the mechanical bull and fell off and hurt his back,” the reality guru tweeted. “They kissed a lot. They were there for about an hour then left.” Guess there is definitely some chemistry between the duo!

Victoria Paul Taking a Mirror Selfie
Courtesy of Victoria Paul/Instagram

Hopefully, Victoria and Peter hit it off right away. We can’t wait to see what happens!