It’s that time of year again — The Bachelor is back, and all is right in the world. Peter Weber has 24 ladies competing for his heart, but who will he choose? While we don’t have all the answers just yet, we do know that contestant Kelsey Weier is a front-runner this season. Keep scrolling to learn more information about the blonde beauty. Warning: Spoilers below!

She Is a Former Pageant Queen

Kelsey, 28, won Miss Iowa in 2017 and even notes it on her Instagram page. During an old interview, the reality starlet was asked who she admired most, and while some people named celebrities including Emma Watson and Taylor Swift, she had an interesting answer. “Sonja Heying. Before attending Cosmetology School, I took two years off to nanny,” she revealed on the Miss USA website at the time. “My nanny experience was different than most because the mom was home with me. Sonja needed all the help she could get since she had four boys! The oldest child was a year and a half year old and the triplets. The reason I look up to Sonja is because of who she is as a person, a mother and a wife. I admire her for the amount of time she invested into her family and how much love she has for her boys.”

She Has a Twin

The Iowa native has a twin named Kayla, who we will most likely meet if she makes it to hometown dates. According to Kayla’s social media page, the two seem to be pretty close and even like to wear identical outfits. “When your grandparents gift you with matching sweaters that they used to wear back in the day, you take a photo shoot,” her sister wrote on the ‘gram in December 2018.

Kelsey Weier Wearing a Red Bandana on Instagram
Courtesy of Kelsey Weier/Instagram

She Is a Professional Clothier

Yes, you read that right. Kelsey is a professional clothier at Tom James Company, her LinkedIn notes and has been working there for over two years. “My service model is based on a simple mantra: ‘I come to you with fine clothing.’ My clients never wait in line, fight for parking or covet a garment that doesn’t come in their size,” she wrote. Prior to that, she graduated early from The Salon Professional Academy in Iowa City, Iowa, in 2013 and became a “full-time professional color and extensions specialist at Rick Mosley Hair,” her Miss USA biography reads.

She Scores a One on One With Peter

The two went on a date in Cleveland during this season, according to a video uploaded by Reality Steve. In the clip, the pair were spotted holding hands while they were on their way to racing with kids for the Cleveland Area Soap Box Derby. Apparently, they are very into each other since Kelsey ends up making it to the final four, Reality Steve reported.

She Doesn’t Like Another Contestant

Of course, there is some drama between Kelsey and her fellow contestant Hannah Sluss. Apparently, the ladies get into it after Hannah ends up winning a pageant-like group date. “The pageant world is a messy, messy, messy place,” Reality Steve tweeted after their incident. “You thought the Hannah [Brown]/Caelynn [Miller-Keyes] bickering last season was bad, just wait until this season’s s—t storm rolls in. Manufactured drama, of course, but it will dominate the first few episodes.”

Kelsey Weier Drinking Coffee in a Sweatshirt on the Couch
Courtesy of Kelsey Weier/Instagram

Sounds juicy! We just hope Kelsey is there for the right reasons. Time will tell!