There was a ton of drama on episode 3 of The Bachelor, but it was a fabulous week for contestant Elyse Dehlbom. The redhead really shined during her first one-on-one date with Colton Underwood and it’s safe to say she is definitely a front-runner at the moment. During the January 21 episode, the makeup artist shared a powerful story about her sister’s death and how she’s turned that horrible time in her into something positive.

While the two were having a romantic dinner after their day in San Diego together, they started discussing some deeper topics, including the passing of the 31-year-old’s sister, Sarah.

The Arizona native explained that her sister was pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Although the baby was safely delivered, her sister had a “rare neuroendocrine cancer” which resulted in her death in July of 2013, according to a local publication at the time.

While she was battling her affliction, her sister started receiving tons of baby clothes and gifts that she started donating. In her memory, Sarah’s Closet was created which provides clothes and warmth (literally and figuratively) to newborn babies.

Opening up about such a hard topic definitely showed Colton a new side of the contestant’s personality which was the cherry on top of their day.

Elyse and Colton Underwood bachelor episode 3 one on one date
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Earlier, they spent the afternoon at the amusement park with a group of very cute kiddos. The 26-year-old got to show off some of his future dad skills and it was extremely impressive. He even had the makeup guru swooning.

Of course, after the incredible day they spent together, the former football player gave the date rose to Elyse, who gladly accepted.

While she’s not in the middle of the mansion drama, but she’s definitely someone you should keep your eye on!

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