Y’all, infamous former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios is seriously not appreciating all of the people comparing season 23 villain Demi Burnett to her. While at first glance there are similarities — they’re both blonde, pretty, and rubbed some of their fellow contestants the wrong way — the 26-year-old reality star explained to Life & Style exclusively how the key difference is in the approach.

“We’re two totally different ball games,” Corinne clapped back. “I feel like she’s doing things to get everyone’s attention, not just Colton [Underwood]’s. I was just being me and doing what I would do for a guy I was dating in real life, and I kind of did things privately or in interviews, but she’s just making a spectacle of herself almost on purpose.” Many of the girls turned against Demi after she touched the group date rose and grabbed Colton from another girl while wearing a robe to give him a massage.

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Demi Burnett with Colton Underwood

As a matter of fact, Corinne thinks that Demi is intentionally trying to duplicate her fame by mimicking her … poorly. “I’m flattered because, clearly, you got the idea to stand out from me, and are clearly trying to be like me, so yes I’m flattered Demi, that is very cute of you,” she said. “But no, no, you can’t try to be like Corn, it’s either you’re Corn or you’re not. And no one else is Corn but me.”

Corinne went on to explain that fans saw the 100 percent real and raw version of her on the show, and any attention she got from the other girls (cough, cough, Taylor Nolan) was simply because they were more focused on her than Nick Viall. “I’m never not me,” she said. “I clearly set the bar really f–king high to be entertaining, but I didn’t even do it on purpose. Great for me, sucks for all of you.”

But the person the current situation seems to suck for the most is Tracy Shapoff, one of Colton’s current contestants who seems to be Demi’s answer to Taylor … she’s quickly becoming consumed by her frustrations with Demi, and believe it or not, Corinne totally understands.

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Corinne Olympios and Nick Viall

“I’m gonna be super honest, I feel like Demi is being genuinely annoying, but I also feel like when you’re in this situation you’ve got no phone, no internet, no magazines, no books, nothing, you’re so consumed with trying to be with the Bachelor that you fixate on things,” she explained. “One thing will get to you and then you’re only worried about that one thing. I think for Tracy, it’s Demi, and the fact that she touched the rose really just sent her over the edge. I get it, it’s an emotional rollercoaster so yeah, it’s the biggest deal in the world to you.”

That being said, all Bachelor fans know that the girl who is constantly giving other girls a “talking to” or who fixates on what other people are doing, never stays on the show very long. When Tia complained about Bekah to Arie, he let Tia go. When Taylor obsessed over Corinne, Nick sent her home. Corinne believes that Tracy’s obsession with Demi will also be her downfall. “Oh yeah, down the drain. There you go,” she said.

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