Baby on the brain? Former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, got very candid about their plans to have kids someday. Not surprisingly, the couple definitely would love to expand their family.

After visiting their nephews, the gorgeous reality duo caught a bit of baby fever. “I can’t wait!” JoJo, 28, gushed in a clip from their web show, Engaged With JoJo and Jordan, on Instagram. “I don’t need to go have a baby [now], but I can not wait for the day that it just happens. I have to say, that has made me more excited to have kids.”

The 30-year-old agreed, “We need one of those,” referring to their own teeny newborn. However, he was quick to add, “Yeah, I’m terrified.”

The Bachelor Nation duo revealed that they’ve talked a lot about the future. “We’ve kind of agreed on how many kids we want to have, right?” Jordan asked the Texas native. She confirmed, “We like three, we think three is a good number. Obviously, life is going to happen how it happens.”

The Dallas residents agreed that they’d ideally like two boys and one girl. “You gotta have brothers to beat up those punk kids trying to date her,” the former football player teased. 

Jojo fletcher jordan rodgers
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The Fletch designer was sure to mention, “You can’t plan this. And, it doesn’t matter what you want because whatever you get you’re going to be obsessed with.”

The future Mr. and Mrs. have been together for over two and a half years and it’s awesome to see them so serious about their future together. “With my luck, because I want some boys … it’s just going to be all girls,” Jordan joked. “We’ll just keep trying for a boy and then six daughters later we’ll be like, ‘OK!'”

JoJo assured her beau, “They’re going to be your little girl and you’re going to love them so much and they’re going to be so cute.”

Honestly, we can’t even imagine how adorable their offspring would be. Good luck, guys!