Bekah Martinez
Courtesy of Bekah Martinez/Instagram

Get it, girl! Bekah Martinez clapped back at haters criticizing her leg hair, noting that it’s important she stands up for herself in order to teach her daughter, Ruth, a valuable lesson.

“My daughter (and every other person for that matter) deserves to live in a world where they can exist in their natural body without feeling disgusting,” the former Bachelor contestant, 25, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, May 5. “My family will not be a family that passes down shame about weight, body hair, breast size, acne, height or any of the other millions of things we’re taught are ‘unattractive.’ At the same time, I will never tell my children they can’t change their appearance. I can only help them navigate and process why they want to, as I have done for myself.”

The brunette beauty admitted because of society’s standards, she used to feel “ashamed” of keeping body hair but finds it “healthy” to challenge herself. “I wanted to change my insecurity and accept that part of myself,” she added.

It turns out, Bekah isn’t the only one totally OK with her not shaving. “Lastly, for the record, my boyfriend thinks I’m hot as hell and doesn’t give a f–k about my leg hair,” she concluded. Yes, queen!

This isn’t the first time the soon-to-be mom of two spoke out on issues important to her. In April, she slammed trolls who criticized her parenting after she revealed she let her 1-year-old daughter teethe on her vibrator.

“Acting like I abused my child with a sex toy or committed some sort of malicious trauma-inducing act by laughing about it on my podcast? For real?” Bekah wrote on Instagram the time. “Y’all need to grow the f–k up and quit getting your puritanical panties in a bunch.” Of course, she plans to use this experience as a valuable lesson for her little one in the future.

“In our house, female pleasure is something that will be talked about and we can only talk about vibrators and sex toys. It’s not that big of a f–king deal … Get a life.” Well said!