Spilling tea! Bachelor in Paradise star Blake Horstmann revealed the producers of the show “convinced” him to pick Tayshia Adams instead of Hannah Godwin for his one-on-one date during season 6 of the summer dating reality series.

“OK, this is going to be a long one but f—k it, I’m off contract,” the 29 year old revealed during an Instagram Stories Q&A session on March 27. “When I received the date card, I 100 percent planned to take Hannah. I even left my interview saying I was gonna take Hannah. When I walked out of the interview, [three] producers sat me down for close to an [hour] and convinced me to take Tayshia.”


“It was 100 percent my decision, they didn’t force me or anything,” he continued. “But at that point, I really did trust the producers and that they had my best interest. Obviously, I was very wrong and they didn’t want me to be happy with Hannah [because] that would have very much ruined [their] plans for the season.”

Believe it or not, Blake even dished on what production told him to convince him to make the move. “I had the first date card and that brings a lot of responsibility,” he recalled their persuasive words. “And if I chose the person everyone thinks I should, nobody will take the risks and I would possibly ruin the experience for others [because] they wouldn’t break out and see a possible interest in a person and that will ruin love stories.”

At the end of the day, the Colorado native only had positive things to say about Tayshia, also 29, and Hannah’s subsequent relationship with contestant Dylan Barbour. “This is a funny question [because] Tayshia is amazing and anybody would be lucky to have a date with her, but I understand given the circumstances LOL,” he wrote to the follower. “Everything worked out [though], [because] Hannah and Dylan are perfect for each other and will live happily ever after.”

After Blake missed out on his opportunity with Hannah, she ended up winning the entire competition with the San Diego native, 25, and getting engaged to him. So much love, so little time, y’all!