Fate? Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, met in the most ~Hollywood~ way ever.

Sam, 27, recalled the pair’s meet-cute during a September 2019 interview. At the time, he didn’t have a lot of experience in show business. However, he had already caught Britney’s eye! “My first one was ‘Work From Home’ from Fifth Harmony, and now Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop, is calling me wanting me to play the love interest of [her music video],” Sam told Entertainment Tonight, referring to Britney’s “Slumber Party” music video. “I said, ‘Why not? Let me give it a shot.'”

Hollywood Romance! Britney Spears and Boyfriend Sam Asghari Met on the Set of Her 2016 Music Video

Unsurprisingly, the “Toxic” singer knew right away Sam was the guy for the job. “It was a direct book,” the personal trainer said. “A good friend of mine was working on the music video at the time. They told the casting director to cast this guy and then they sent my pictures to [Britney] and she picked it. ‘I want this guy,’ — and so that’s how it was.”

While on set, Sam and Britney immediately hit it off. “At the music video, we connected, we talked,” he explained. “We talked about, ‘What do you like to eat? Sushi.’ … And then [exchanged] text messages and, next thing you know, a date. Just like a normal couple.”

By January 2017, Sam and Britney were Instagram official — and they’ve been going strong ever since! The Iran native has been especially supportive throughout Britney’s legal and family drama. “Britney is very anxious and is trying her best not to let her family and legal situation worsen her anxiety,” a source previously revealed to In Touch at the time.

“She’s been really trying to use healthy tactics to counteract the anxiety. Sam has been helping Britney every step of the way and trying to keep her mind off of things. He’s a good influence in that sense,” the insider assured. “Sam has been taking her on hikes in picturesque locations and running outdoors to try to combat the stress. They both love doing things like that. Britney wouldn’t normally feel comfortable hiking in a public spot, but Sam makes her feel safe.”

After becoming engaged in September 2021, Britney and Sam had more to celebrate when her conservatorship was finally ended in November 2021. In May 2022, they announced that they had set a date for the wedding. And on June 9, the pair finally tied the knot in an intimate ceremony.