Couples who exercise together, stay together! That seems to be the case for Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who shared what their workouts consist of.

“We run, we do a lot of yoga, we really challenge ourselves to do different types of exercises,” the 25-year-old told E! News in an interview published on Wednesday, January 29. “A lot of the yoga moves that she does, I just can’t do. She is a natural-born athlete and she pushes herself, combining dancing along with various workouts.”

Sam Asghari at the Gym
Courtesy of Sam Asghari/Instagram

The 38-year-old singer and the personal trainer make the perfect team, and they have their fit bodies to show for it. “[Britney] is a natural-born athlete, so the info she has about working out combined with what I know about fitness, is what you see when we collaborate on new moves that we do together,” he told the outlet. “It looks great on camera, but the moves are much harder in person than they look.”

Britney and Sam often record their workouts and post them on Instagram. Some of their exercises include planking, gymnastics and push-ups. However, the couple likes to change things up.

“Most of the activities we do involve movement anyway,” he explained. “We go horseback riding, bicycling and now we are thinking about skydiving,” Sam shares. “Skydiving is a very active sport, so we are looking into getting into it. We do a lot of outdoor activities together. We really want to adventure and live the best quality of life that we can.”

Sam, who’s been dating the blonde beauty since 2017, loves everything about staying active. So much, in fact, that he decided to help others wanting to get in shape by launching his own fitness program called Asghari Fitness.

“This is a professional program that is designed for everyone,” he said. “It’s about changing people’s lifestyles. It’s a nutrition plan, it’s a workout and it incorporates the spiritual and mental aspects as well. It’s an all-encompassing program. The fitness program is designed for anyone, people who have an hour or even 30 minutes to get a workout in.” Sign us up!