Rap royalty couple Cardi B and Offset recently called it quits after a year of marriage, but it looks like old habits truly die hard. Even though Cardi hinted at an impending divorce, it seems like she’s still having a hard time deciding what she really wants. A source close to Cardi exclusively revealed to Life & Style that Cardi is still feeling a lot of love for Offset, despite his alleged cheating. But, that also doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about it, either.

“Cardi has had the week from hell. As it currently stands, Cardi’s refusing to speak to Offset because she’s so mad and feels completely humiliated by him,” the insider revealed. “Understandably, she’s not her usual outgoing self right now.”

According to the source, the reason Cardi is so down in the dumps is because her fire is still burning for her estranged husband. “Cardi still loves Offset despite the cheating and everything else that’s gone on, which makes the whole situation even more difficult,” the insider continued. “She’s really, really missing him and is completely exhausted.”

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Offset, 27, surprised Cardi, 26, onstage at Rolling Loud Festival in LA on Dec. 15, where he made a pretty big gesture — he walked out on stage after he revealed a flower display that spelled out the message: “Take Me Back, Cardi.”

“I wanna tell you I’m sorry bruh, in front of the world. I love you,” he told Cardi, who looked upset and sent him on his way so she could continue her performance. This is only the latest of a series of public gestures from Offset, in an effort to get Cardi to take him back after she publicly declared that the couple was separating.

Offset’s alleged cheating had been rumored for quite a while, and the latest came to light after his alleged mistress, Summer Bunni, took to social media to make a tearful apology after she was accused of being the reason for the couple’s split. Cardi and Offset also share their five-month-old daughter, Kulture, so naturally the cheating scandal must have hit even harder for Cardi.

We totally get still having feelings for someone you’re trying to break up with, and we really hope Cardi takes some time to think things through.