We see you, Chanel West Coast! On Sunday, August 4, the longtime reality TV star, 30, took to Instagram to share a sizzling throwback bikini photo. “I’m not physically still in Mexico, but I am mentally,” Chanel captioned the snapshot of herself lounging on a floatie in the ocean. 

Sigh. Girl, we hear that. There’s nothing more difficult than returning to work after a tropical getaway. However, instead of focusing on the stresses of everyday life, let’s go ahead and discuss Chanel’s killer figure, shall we? Seriously, the “Sharon Stoned” rapper has never looked better. 

Her arms, legs and tummy look totally toned in the picture and of course, her fans couldn’t agree more. “Damn, Chanel! So hot,” one user gushed. “Beautiful … as always!” added another. A third user chimed in with, “You look absolutely gorgeous,” while a fourth echoed, “You are rockin’ that suit, girl!” 

As it happens, this is hardly the first time that Chanel has flaunted her natural curves on social media. In fact, she’s been having herself quite the hot girl summer. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates Chanel embracing her body. So much so, that plenty of trolls have accused her of undergoing plastic surgery and being conceited. Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things. 

“What happened to your modesty?” one hater commented on a different bikini photo. “Nice butt. Too bad it’s not real,” added another. “Is that all you or filler?” a third person inquired, while a fourth commented, “Trying way too hard, Chanel.” Thankfully, it seems as though Chanel is an expert at ignoring the negativity. She has yet to clap back at any of the accusations and continues to live her very best life.

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