Get ready for a plot twist! Vanessa Ray, who played Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars, just hinted at a possible comeback in the final season.

Charlotte, who was revealed as “A” on Season 6 before dying in the winter premiere, could be coming back to life, which is nothing new for the Freeform series (we’re looking at you, Ali and Mona).

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“I have been keeping up with the show, and you might see my face soon. I love getting to be around that crew and the lovely cast,” Vanessa told Us Weekly.

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Her return would come just as it was revealed Spencer is actually Mary Drake’s daughter, making Spencer and Charlotte siblings or half-siblings.

Longtime fans of the show will remember that Charlotte was introduced in Season 3 as the adopted older sister of Allison DiLaurentis. However, she was actually born Charles Drake and assigned male at birth.

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“You come out of a hateful act, but that doesn’t make you hateful,” Mary wrote to Spencer shortly before giving birth — at the same mental hospital where she had Charlotte.

However, Charlotte is not the only character making a comeback (fingers crossed). Dr. Wren Kingston, Jenna, Paige, and Holden are all key players who have been brought back in the final 10 episodes.

While we have to wait and see what trouble Charlotte’s return stirs up in Rosewood, Vanessa does have an idea for an epic series finale.

“I hope they burn Rosewood down,” she added. “I hope they just take a match. I really hope there is a slo-mo montage of them walking away with sunglasses on or something.”

Tune into the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on Freeform!