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Who Is Holden on ‘Pretty Little Liars’? The Season 2 Character Returns!

The end is near. Pretty Little Liars returned to television last night, and with it came one very big question: Who the heck is Holden?

The Season 7B premiere saw the return of the Season 2 character, who most fans don’t seem to remember anyway, so we’re here to help you out.

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Viewers first met Holden Strauss (Shane Coffey) way back in 2012 when he returns to Rosewood with his dad after living abroad in Portugal for a year. His biggest plot point revolved around pretending to date Aria (Lucy Hale) so that she could secretly hook up with Ezra (Ian Harding).

pretty little liars season 2 getty images

Holden and Aria in Season 2.

But Aria eventually ends their fake relationship after she notices bruises all over his body and a bunch of pills in his bag. Naturally, she thinks he’s up to something sketchy. Turns out, the bruises are from martial arts (random) and the pills are for a serious heart condition. Holden’s been forced to keep his after school activities hidden from his parents due to his health, but tells Aria that he’d rather be doing something he loves than “spending his life in front of the TV.”

After that, Holden pops up again in a Season 3 episode when Emily (Shay Mitchell) sees him at a party. Does the eye tattoo on his wrist ring any bells? He tells her it’s a stamp from a club where he used to see Maya (Bianca Lawson), but when Emily asks him about her, he disappears.

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So what’s Holden doing in Season 7? Well, he turns out to be the manager of a venue that Aria is checking out for her wedding. He’s surprised to hear that she’s marrying Ezra, who then shows up, because, well, we love drama.

We’ll have to wait and see if Holden plays a bigger role as we get closer to the finale.

Tune in to Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform and scroll through the gallery below to see how much the cast has changed since Season 1!