Called out! Christine Quinn didn’t hesitate to shut down an online commenter who accused her of faking her pregnancy. 

“Why did you fake your pregnancy?” an Instagram user wrote in a DM to the Selling Sunset star on Saturday, November 27. “It’s totally OK to admit to having a surrogate but don’t set unrealistic expectations for PP moms when you didn’t even carry the baby yourself. It’s deceitful and a shame.” 

Christine, 33, clapped back by sharing a screenshot of the DM to her Instagram Stories that day with the caption, “K y’all are f–king sick,” over it, according to a screenshot obtained by Us Weekly. She deleted the Story shortly afterward.

The How to Be a Boss Bitch book author later spoke out via Twitter regarding the accusation. “For all yall still mad on pregnancy gate please go look at my ig stories,” Christine tweeted that day. “And apologize. This is seriously so hurtful.”


The Oppenheim Group realtor and her husband, Christian Richard, welcomed their first child together, a son named Christian, on May 15. The duo started dating after a mutual friend set them up in 2019. After a whirlwind romance, they got engaged weeks after meeting and married in December of that year. Christine announced she was expecting in February 2021. She documented her pregnancy and shared baby bump photos on social media throughout her journey.

When season 4 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset premiered on Wednesday, November 24, Christine recalled the difficult labor and birth she experienced in a conversation with two other Oppenheim real estate agents, Vanessa Villela and Amanza Smith

“He was coming out sideways and his umbilical cord was wrapped around him,” Christine said during the reality show. “My heart rate was going down, the baby’s heart rate was going down, and then one of the nurses went up to Christian and said, ‘You need to make a priority now. You have to choose one.’ He was like, ‘Both.’ 

Nearly three weeks after her traumatic emergency C-section, Christine spoke to Us Weekly about her thoughts on having more children.  

“Normally, right away I’d be like, ‘Yeah let’s go,’ but it’s left me a little hesitant,” she explained on June 2. “I really, really want to know I’m healed, and the time is right before we’re thinking about it.” 

This accusation wasn’t the first time the reality star has dealt with backlash. In 2020, Christine recounted how social media commenters upset her regarding the credibility of the hit Netflix series. 

“People that don’t know me say hurtful things,” Christine told The Sunday Times in August of that year. “I’m just like, ‘Ugh, whatever, I don’t know these people.’ But when I hear stuff from other people … That’s upsetting.” 

She admitted the online trolling would “hurt her feelings” and make her “cry.”